LPC's Outreach Ministry coordinates a number of projects throughout the year in conjunction with other ministries and fellowship groups to provide assistance to those in need in our community, our country, and our world. We believe strongly in living our faith and knowing that the love of God extends far outside our church walls through our hearts and hands.

Is there a mission focus you would like to see LPC become involved in that we are not already supporting?  Email the church office at info@lpcjax and let us hear from you.  We are open to new ideas.


Mission to Reformed Presbyterian Church of Cuba in 2018

The St. Augustine Mutual Mission committee is working to expand our relationship with Jamaica to include our Brothers and Sisters in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Cuba.  In May, we met with the Rev. Edelberto Valdes, the current General Secretary of the Synod of Cuba, to discuss how this might look going forward. 

As a next step, we are forming a team of people to go to Cuba from February 16-23, 2018.  Click here for information concerning the trip, and here for an application for those wishing to be included in the group.  It is necessary to begin the process of forming this group early, as deadlines are critical in dealing with travel to Cuba.







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Other Outreach Programs: Lucille Hart Fund, Turkey Fund, Mission Fair, Salvation Army Christmas Stockings, I.C.A.R.E., Sanctuary on 8th Street and I.M. Salzbacher.