Youth Events Schedule

LPC Youth Activities for Feb. 2019

February 3rd. Super bowl Sub Sale.
We are taking orders for LPC Super bowl subs which can be picked up after worship. Our youth will make the subs that morning before worship. To our youth, we need YOU to come and help make them. We will need a few folks to be at Church at 8.30 to help make subs. After the service we will have a few youth at the Church doors to collect soup cans for UCom. Please plan on being there if you can. We will also hold a bake sale. The Thursday Night Women’s Bible Study will help with this, but we need youth to bring bake sale items.

Feb 10th. Diversity Day.
We were busy at Church Without Walls on MLK weekend, so we will discuss diversity on Feb 10th. We will meet immediately after church for youth.
CAN YOU PASS THE COKE / PESPSI TASTE TEST CHALLENGE? We will have lunch, (please bring $3 for lunch), and then enjoy some activities and conversation on the subject of diversity, (The Coke Pepsi taste test will happen here.) It will be a meaningful and important time and we would love to see as many of our youth as possible. There will also be plenty time to play games. Pick up will be at 1:30 pm.

February 15th. Sweet Heart Dinner Set Up. If anyone is available to help decorate Benz Hall on Friday afternoon for the Sweetheart Dinner Dance, we would love your help. Contact Brian if you are able to help.

February 15th Sweetheart Dinner/Dance, 7:00 pm. On Friday Feb 15 we will hold our annual Sweetheart Dinner. This year we are planning to once more hold a dinner dance. Live music will follow the meal. Steve Birthisel’s band will provide the entertainment. Our Youth will be your servers for this fun evening. Mark your calendar and look out for information on booking your date night. Our youth should be at Church at 5:00 pm, dressed to serve. Details will be sent to our youth and their families.

February 17th. Thanks for helping at the Sweetheart Dinner. No Youth Gathering today.

February 24th. Serve in Worship and then, Diet Coke & Mentos Rockets.
We have had a busy schedule this month. Today we will have fun. Brian is preaching so we will serve in worship and then after lunch we will get some Diet Coke and Mentos and see who can make the best bottle rocket. It will (literally), be a blast. It has been a few years since we have done this.We will meet after Church for lunch and then the fun will begin. Pick up is 1:00 pm.