LPC Youth Summer Trips


This summer we will travel to Massanetta Middles School Conference with our junior high and Montreat High School Conference with our senior high. I have travelled to Massanetta many times and every time the youth I have travelled with had a wonderful experience. Many of our members will tell you Montreat was the highlight of the youth year for many of their family members. Both conferences are special places where our youth connect not only with other Presbyterian youth but also seem to connect with God and their faith in a deeper way. I hope you will check your calendars and consider these trips for your students. I believe they will both be a good long term investment in the lives of LPC youth. It would be wonderful to take big groups to both conferences. If any parents would like to come along as chaperones, please speak to Brian. We may need some additional help.

Our Young Adult/College group will travel to Memphis Tn, for their mission trip to work with Street Reach.  


Summer Trip dates.

Middle School – Massanetta Springs Middle School Conference. July 5th – 10th.

Young Adult/College. Mission Trip to Memphis TN. July 16th – 22nd.

High School – Montreat Youth Conference. July 23rd – 29th.

Information, (deadlines, cost etc), and Registration forms are available on our Facebook page or by contacting Brian at brian@lpcjax.org