The session of Lakewood Presbyterian Church is the council for the congregation and is composed of church members who are elected by the congregation to serve as active ruling elders (also known as church officers). Our senior pastor who is considered a teaching elder serves as moderator of the session. All members of the session are entitled to vote on motions that come before this council.

Elections for the each “class” of ruling elders are usually held in November. These classes consist of eight elders elected to a three-year term and one youth elder elected for a one-year term, giving us twenty-five ruling elders actively serving on the session. Vacancies from prior classes are also filled during this election process.

Newly elected elders are then ordained and/or installed as active ruling elders in January, prior to the first session meeting of the new year. At this time, the senior class has fulfilled its obligation and its members are no longer considered active. However, once you are ordained as an elder, you are always considered an elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).

Session meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of each month. We welcome all to attend these meetings. If you have a presentation for the session, you are encouraged to contact the Clerk of Session in advance so you are included on the agenda. Minutes of all session meetings are available to church members by contacting Cathy Barnwell, Clerk of Session.


Name                               Ministry

Linda Allen CM     Outreach

   Joy Atkins                       Family Life

   Katie Bahn CM               Communication

   Cathy Barnwell               Clerk of Session

   Arnie Blevins MM           Worship

   Katie Estes                     Family Life

   Laura Fairfax                  Worship

   Ken Fishman                  Christian Education

   Scott Griffin MM            Christian Education

   Townley Hargraves CM Congregational Care

   Dana Jewell CM             Building & Grounds

   Chris Lawrence              Evangelism & CG

   Sara Maguire CM           Congregational Care

   Chuck Martin                  Outreach

   Nicole Mills                     Admin & Stewardship

   Aiden Mitchell    Youth Elder/Family Life

   Daniel Modaff CM          Outreach

   Isaac Ogunsan                Evangelism & CG

   Stan Pilinski MM             Evangelism & CG

   Dan Pratt CM                  Building & Grounds

   Thayne Randall CM        Communication

   Jim Robinson  MM          Admin & Stewardship

   Ellen Schubert                Worship

   Kathy Williams                Worship

   William Wilson                Admin & Stewardship