A Time of Learning

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Sermon Text: Matthew 4:1-11

If you look at the front of your bulletin this morning, you’ll see the picture of a bright green plant that has started growing out of some very dry-looking cracked ground.  When you look at the ground in that picture it makes you wonder how in the world that little plant could possibly be growing because the conditions don’t appear to be the right ones for any growth to happen.  That ground looks like the kind of ground where seeds go to die.  The picture represents the big idea for this Lenten sermon series which is called “Wilderness Time.”  The idea is that even though it doesn’t seem possible that anything good could come from the wilderness times that we enter and experience in our own lives, sometimes we actually do some of our best growing when we find ourselves in the wilderness…See full sermon here

Weird Ambition

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Sermon Text: Matthew 20:20-28

We have come to the final week in our Keep Church Weird series. It has been my hope that through this series you would begin to get a glimpse of the heart of your new pastor, but more importantly, as we begin to navigate a new season of life and ministry together that will surely bring some changes at some point along the way, I wanted us to spend some time thinking about some essential things that should never change no matter what. These are things that Jesus teaches us, and as I’ve been saying all along, when we keep in step with Jesus, it often takes us out of step with what’s going on around us, so we may be “weird,” but weird is good in this case, and I want us to embrace it! This morning, in this final message in our series, I want to talk about “weird ambition.”

I first thought that this message would be called “a weird mission,” and mission is certainly a “churchier” sounding word than ambition, but the two are related. Our mission is the work that Jesus has given us to do in this world, and we can be either eager and ambitious about it or apathetic and lazy. When it comes to participating in God’s mission, I don’t think lazy and apathetic is what Jesus wants from us. I think Jesus wants us to give energy and all the best of ourselves to God’s mission, and as your new pastor, I want us to be a church that is earnest, and eager, and ambitious about participating in God’s mission and building God’s kingdom…See full sermon here

Weird Worship

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Sermon Text: John 4:16-26

The phrase ‘in spirit and in truth’ describes two essential characteristics of true worship: in spirit, as distinguished from place or form or other sensual limitations; in truth, as distinguished from the false conceptions resulting from imperfect knowledge.” - Word Studies in the New Testament

We have come to week 3 in our Keep Church Weird series and this morning we’re going to be talking about Weird Worship. My whole inspiration for this series actually began here with the subject of weird worship when I read an article by a young woman named Rachel Held Evans in which she said that the church ought to “keep worship weird.” If you haven’t heard of Rachel Held Evans, she is a writer and a blogger and she is also a millennial. She writes and speaks about her spiritual journey and search for what she calls a “truer and more authentic Christianity.” At some stage she left the church for a time, but she has since returned, and Rachel’s journey out of church reflects the trend that we are seeing in our culture, especially among young people. You have likely heard the statistics about how membership and attendance in our denomination have been shrinking in recent years along with other alarming statistics that tell us a quarter of the US population now identify as “none” (meaning people with no religious affiliation)…See full sermon here

Weird Love

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Sermon Text: John 13:1-17

Last week we started a sermon series called “Keep Church Weird,” and I told you that one of the first things that I want you to know about your new pastor is that I’m a little weird and that I am going to be committed as your pastor to keeping Lakewood a weird church. I have to tell you that it was really endearing to me this past week how many of you came to me and told me that you are weird, too. It’s like, “great! These are my people!”

I love quirky things and quirky people, but in this series we’re talking specifically about the ways that we are weird because of our faith in and relationship with Jesus. If we are Jesus’s followers and if he is living in us, we are going to be different because the way of Jesus is different than the way of a world that is under the curse of sin. As Christians, we are people who have been set free from the curse of sin and we’ve accepted Jesus’s invitation to be part of his kingdom and Jesus has actually formed us into a community that exists to bear witness to the reality of the new life that can be found in him and I really want the congregation at LPC to be great witnesses to the new life and the new reality that comes through Jesus. So there are some specific “weird” things that we need to hold on to hard and fast so that our witness is fruitful, and powerful, and effective. Last week we talked about holding on to this weird message that we get to share that says you don’t have to work hard to make yourself acceptable to God. You just have to trust in the work of Jesus on your behalf. We’re accustomed to having to earn our way into acceptance but God says we are already accepted. We just have to come to Jesus and we are already loved. This week, I want us to think about weird love…See full sermon here

A Weird Message

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Sermon Text: Galatians 1:6-10

I want to start by saying that it is good to finally be here! We have been looking forward to getting here, and I have to thank you for the beautiful and warm welcome you have given to us. It has been a very smooth transition so far and that is in no small part because of the way you have welcomed us and helped us with things as we’ve tried to get settled in. We would be eating on the floor if Lenora and William Wilson hadn’t loaned us a folding table because ours broke in the move, and we might not have eaten at all in the first 48 hours if the Wilson’s, and the Griffins, and the Mitchells hadn’t fed us.

Our first week here we got mostly unpacked and attended to the important things like getting Wi-Fi hooked up, and this past week, our first week of “real life,” we have been trying to figure out a lot of things like what time we need to leave for school in the morning, and what day the garbage gets collected, and which grocery store is the most convenient. As you know, if you’ve moved, there is so much to learn when you start over in a completely new city and we are definitely in the thick of it, but I’m aware as I am meeting many of you for the first time today, that my girls and I aren’t the only ones who are on a learning curve right now. Ours may be a little steeper than yours in general since we can still barely even drive anywhere without the GPS yet, but you have a brand new pastor and you have a pretty steep learning curve in front of you when it comes to getting to know me. I’m grateful that so many of you have expressed that you are excited about meeting me and getting to know me, but chances are there’s a part of you that’s wondering, “what are we in for with this lady? What is this woman really like and what is she going to do here?”

Of course, I can’t answer all of those questions right away, partly because I don’t think you’re interested in a 2 hour sermon and partly because I don’t even know yet everything that I am going to do here as your pastor. What I can tell you is that there are a few things that I think are really important that I want us to embrace and carry with us no matter what we end up doing together in this new season of ministry, and those are the things that I want to talk about in our sermon series over the next few weeks. So, here it is, one of the first things you’re learning about me is that I think church should be weird and I am going to be committed to keeping this church weird.

Now those of you who are weird and like to embrace your weirdness- and I’ll admit to being in that category myself- you guys may be feeling really good about that, but some of you who have never been or done a weird thing in your life may be wondering what is about to happen here so before anyone decides to jump ship, let me explain myself… See full sermon here