You Want Me To Do What? - 08/25/2013

Sermon Text:  Jeremiah 1:4-10

   Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jerry. Jerry’s dad was a pastor, and all his life it was assumed that Jerry would be a pastor too.
    His grandma said it:
    “God’s got his hand on you, Jerry. Someday, you’re going to wear those fine velvet robes, and put that shiny cross around your neck. And you’re going to step into the pulpit and preach the Word, just like your daddy does. And we’ll be so proud.”
    Jerry’s uncles and aunts said it:
    “I’ll tell you, that boy has a good strong voice. I could hear him halfway around the block. Any preacher would give his right arm for a voice like that. And you know, he could read by the time he was three. What does that tell you?”
    Jerry’s mom and dad tried not to pressure him, but they dropped little hints. Everybody at church liked Jerry. He was president of the youth group. He was even dating that sweet girl, Tonya, who sang in the choir. What an asset she would be as a pastor’s wife!
    So off to seminary Jerry went. However, one day, while Jerry was sitting in his dorm room cramming for a Greek exam, the Lord spoke to him.
    “Jerry, it’s time.”
    “What?” Jerry said, because apparently he never expected to meet the Lord at seminary.
    “Who is it?” he asked with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, because he was afraid he knew the answer to that question.
    “You know who this is, Jer. It’s the Lord. It’s time for you to fulfill your calling.”
    “My calling? To be a pastor? But I’ve just barely started my seminary classes. I’ve still got to take Greek, and Hebrew, and Contemporary Expository Preaching 101, and Counseling, and…”
    “I never called you to be a pastor, Jerry.”
    “But, everybody says that…”
    “Did I say it?” (Pause) “Jerry, I made you. Before you were born, I knew you inside and out. You aren’t an accident of nature. You are special and made for a purpose. My purpose. I want you to be a prophet.”
    “A prophet?!?” Jerry exploded. “I don’t know anything about being a prophet. And who’s going to listen to a young guy like me? Everyone will laugh in my face. Prophets aren’t the most popular guys, you know? And what about housing, and health insurance, and my pension plan…”
    “You didn’t let me finish.”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “I was going to tell you that I will be with you. Always. I know this isn’t going to be easy. You’re right, there’s no security in it, and there’s no pension plan. People are going to laugh at you, and most of them won’t listen. But let ME worry about that. You just tell them how I feel … I’ll take care of you.”
    And before Jerry could object, God reached down and touched his mouth and gave him the words to say
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