You Try To Imagine - 06/15/2014

Sermon Text: Romans 5:1-5 & John 16:12-15

    You know, I’ve been preaching sermons here at Lakewood on the doctrine of the Trinity on and off since the year 2004. And having re-read some of them in preparation for this week, most of them aren’t too bad, if I do say so myself. Don’t know if any of it ever stuck … but repeatedly I’ve shared with you the history of the doctrine, the 4th Century debates that gave rise to it, what those early church fathers were trying to say, what they were trying to protect, and what they did to people who didn’t agree with them … not good.
    It’s cost a lot of effort, and a lot of lives, over the last 1700 years to get us to believe that the One God reveals God’s Self to us in three communal, coexistent, and co-equal “persons.” Yes, you heard me right. The doctrine wasn’t even discussed until about the 4th Century. But after all this time, if we’re really honest, you and I have wondered just how relevant the doctrine even is today and how much it really matters to anybody any more.
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