Would You Like For Me to Pray - 07/28/2013

Sermon Text:  Luke 11:1-13

   On June 21, 2013, I performed my 340th wedding. 340! Amazing! It seemed that the folks in Akron were the most prolific at matrimony. There were summers in Akron when I had a wedding scheduled every Saturday from the beginning of June until Labor Day weekend! And there were even the occasional Saturdays when I would be double-booked! We were known in our part of Akron as the “Wedding Church” … with good reason. Every Saturday afternoon in the summer, decorated cars and exquisitely dressed people would file out the front doors, and whoop and holler as the bride and groom descended the stairs of the church!
   Obviously, with that many weddings, I have some pretty unique wedding stories I could tell. Stories about the bride or groom fainting or falling down; the bridesmaid forgetting to bring the grooms ring into the sanctuary or the best man dropping the ring; or the flower girl pirouetting during the service so her dress billowed out or another one proclaiming her need for a potty break right in the middle of the vows. I actually had a wedding one time where a stray cat wandered down the center aisle during the singing of the solo, and stood right in line with the bridesmaids. Fortunately one of the groomsmen was able to catch it and take it to the back door. And let me tell you, I’ve seen every style of bridesmaid dress known to humankind! Some have been truly eye-popping! Ask me about that later…
   Like I said, everybody has a unique wedding story to tell
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