Worry, Worry, Worry - 08/17/2014

Sermon Text:   Matthew 6:24-34

   Worry, Worry, Worry … All I Do Is Worry!
   I’ve got to tell you … I worry about:
   Our house … we’re going to need a new air conditioner and roof soon.
   My daughter, her husband and our granddaughters up in Cincinnati … our 19 year old is now engaged … don’t know what to think about that.
   My son … he’s doing great, but when you hear about people like Robin Williams and how addiction and depression took its toll on him … you worry.
   The amount of time I spend with Karen … is it enough?
   My mom and dad … when will I get the call that something has happened?
   I worry about:
   All the people who don’t attend church regularly … is it me or my preaching?
   When and if we are going to be able to find an associate minister soon.
   The youth program and if it’s going to survive until we get our new associate.
   I worry about:
   Members of our congregation who are going through really tough times, like …
   With all this worry … am I going to have a heart attack, someday, just like my dad?
   You see, I’m a worrier at times. And often, might I remind you, for good reason. I have good reasons to worry!
   Many of YOU, as well, have good reasons to worry:
   Sickness in your family.
   Children you are concerned about, both grown and at home.
    “Who’s going to take care of me when I no longer can take care of myself?”
    “Do the kids in my school laugh at me for the way I dress?”
    “Is there going to be enough money for mom and dad to send me to college?”
   You worry about your death, because you have so much to live for!
   This list could go on and on, right? We are “worriers”! That’s just the way we are. What is it that YOU are worrying about this morning?
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