When the Sabbath was Over - 04/08/2012

Sermon text:  Mark 16:1-8

Our passage of scripture today starts out with these words: “When the Sabbath was over…” Keep that in mind … we’ll be back to it shortly, but first I want to ask you a question: Why are you here? 

   Now, please don’t take offense at that … I know it’s an odd kind of welcome, but it is an interesting question. And, it’s a question that seems to be producing a whole new set of answers these days. 

   It seems that in bygone days, we came to church on Easter morning because it was the thing to do and the place to be seen. Whether we came every Sunday or every once in a great while, we were certainly here on this day. But that seems to have changed with the cultural over the years. … Read full sermon here (PDF)