What Do People See? - 03/02/2014

Sermon Text: 2 Peter 1:12-21

      There’s an email that’s been going around stating: “If you can identify these … you are OLD.” There are pictures of all kinds of things: An old phone with a rotary dial; the cast of Captain Kangaroo; Howdy Doody; a mimeograph machine (oh, do you remember the smell of those blue copies?); Burma Shave signs; the gas station attendant actually cleaning your windshield and gasoline for 25 cents a gallon during the price wars; MacDonald’s hamburgers for 10 cents; candy cigarettes and bubblegum cigars. The list of things was extensive, and yes, it indeed made me feel OLD! But the one object that really caught my attention was the transparency book. Do you remember how fascinating and fun those old transparency books were? Especially the grizzly and gross ones that showed you the human body and all of our insides! You remember those books … with their series of clear pages that overlaid one on top of another … adding the veins, the arteries, the muscles, the internal organs, the nervous system … revealing a hidden world to curious kids.
      Today there are moving, revolving, 3-D images kids can pull up on the computer … images that are much more accurate. But the act of piling up or peeling away those transparency pages would still fascinate young children today. There’s something about being able to slowly strip away the skin, the muscles, the various systems that work so perfectly together within the body, that remains riveting. It’s like getting a secret peek at a collection of hidden miracles. Go to Amazon.com and order one … you can actually get one for 9 cents! Don’t know what the postage is….
      The point? We have this fascination with trying to get a glimpse of something that is usually kept out of sight … and THAT is part of the POWER of the TRANSFIGURATION. Only THREE were privileged enough to be chosen to witness that event.
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