What Are You Looking For Up There? - 02/10/2013

Sermon text:  Luke 9:28–36

  Mountaintop Experiences … Have you ever had one? I’m talking about a time when you felt one of those rare moments … a one-on-one encounter with Jesus Christ or the Lord God Almighty? That coupled with a feeling of ecstasy where you were temporarily lifted from the routine physical world and imported up into the mystical world of the Spirit?

   Over the years, I’ve had quite a few folks share their Mountaintop Experiences with me. Some came at a retreat or summer camp. Others on a mission trip. In some cases, the person was alone. In others, they were in part of a group. Each experience was personal and unique and as varied as the individuals sharing them. They ranged from a simple warm glow to an out-of-body experience or having a vision. There is absolutely no way I can rationally explain Mountaintop Experiences. However, I don’t doubt their authenticity one bit. You just can NOT deny the experiences people haveRead full sermon here (PDF)