Turn Our Hearts... To Kindness - 02/24/2013

Sermon text:  Ephesians 4:25-32

   She is sitting at the piano doing just as her teacher instructs. She holds her hands just as she’s told. She has even memorized the piece perfectly … each note struck with deadly accuracy. But her heart is not in it … only her fingers. What she’s playing is a sort of music … but nothing that will start voices singing or feet tapping.
   When it comes to FAITH and LIFE, let me ask you this question again on this 2nd Sunday in Lent: Are you allowing God’s Spirit to work from deep within OR are you just going through the motions?
   Are your HEARTS in it … or only your FINGERS?

Turn our hearts to one another … Let your kindness show
Where our words or deeds have wounded … Let forgiveness flow.
Turn our hearts … Turn our hearts.

   Each verse of our Lenten Theme song will guide us in the direction we’ll go these next four weeks. Today: Turn Our Hearts … To Kindness.
   One of the advantages of growing older and getting a few more years under your belt … is the opportunity to LEARN. In fact, I really believe if you’re not learning, you are really not living. The day you quit learning or the day you lose your desire to continue learning … your life basically is over.
   Now, please don’t be discouraged by what Socrates said: “The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing.” There’s definitely some truth in that, but for me I know that over the years I’ve learned much … but right, Socrates … I still have a LOT to learn.
   One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned in life is this: It pays to be KIND.
   A sure-fire way to win friends and influence people is to be KIND. What is the best way to tear down walls and build bridges? Be KIND. Without KINDNESS in your relationship, your marriage won’t last … or for that matter ANY relationship! Parents, you will never teach your children a more important lesson than to be KIND
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