...Tourist or Pilgrim? - 2/21/2010

First Sunday in Lent

Sermon text: Luke 4: 1-13

For years now, as I’ve worked on sermons for the five Sundays prior to Holy Week, I’ve come up with all kinds of sermon series ideas related to the purpose of Lent. This year is no exception, but I believe that maybe I’ve hit on something that truly gets to the “heart” of what we are to be doing as we prepare for the celebration of Easter: LENT ... A YEARLY HEART EXAMINATION.  Over the next five weeks I will be inviting you to examine your hearts: how you live your lives, how you make decisions, how your relationship with God in Christ is growing, how you love one another and the world and show the world that the grace of God is for them. I want to make you think, react, reflect, change, while at the same time challenging myself in all those areas. I want us to grow in healthy ways.  So, just as you and I have our yearly visit to the docs ... this is our YEARLY HEART EXAMINATION! Read full sermon here (PDF).