To Whom Do You Look Up? – 5/9/2010

Sermon text: Luke 24:44-53

To whom do you look up? That is the proper way to say it. But I know some of you are going “huh?” Hey, we’re in southeast Georgia, right? That’s not how we say it here, or for that matter, in most parts of the country. No, it is simply: “Who do you look up to?” That’s the question I’d like for us to think about this morning. Paul Keppel was the father of my best friend growing up and is definitely someone I looked up to as a young person. Mr. Keppel was one of the main reasons I am a minister today. It was in his 5th grade Sunday School class that I decided that indeed I would become a minister. Whenever I was in his home and he heard me end a sentence with a preposition … he’d have me drop down and give him 50 push-ups. No, it wasn’t that severe, nonetheless I was always corrected … and I tend to do that today with some of you. However, that is the question I want us to address today. So, with apologies to Mr. Keppel and his aversion to dangling participles, let me bend the rules just once, and ask: Who do you look up to?Read full sermon here (PDF).