There's Got To Be To Religion - 10/27/2013

Sermon Text:  Galatians 5:1, 13-18

   In a book entitled “A View from the Zoo”, Gary Richmond tells stories about his life as a zookeeper at the very famous San Diego Zoo. One of his chapters deals with conversations he has overheard at the different exhibits and one in particular was very interesting. It seems a father was reading the sign that spoke about the African Antelope. Gary heard him talking with his three sons, as his wife, from a distance, called out to Henry. She seemed to be keeping her distance so dad could give some education to the three young boys. By his accent it was clear that Henry came either from the Ozarks of Arkansas, or from somewhere else in the Deep South.
   She kept her distance and almost walked away as Henry yelled at her, “Hey, Mildred! Ya’ won’t believe this! This here African Antelope has a gestation period of 267 days. That is a mighty long time to digest your food.”
    “What’s that mean, Daddy – 267 days of gestation?” came the question from one of the boys.
    “Billy Joe, it means that what this here animal eats today ain’t gonna be eliminated until sometime next February!” Then Henry sighed and said, “Ain’t it just amazin’ what you learn at the zoo?”
    Mildred was nowhere to be found
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