There's Got To Be Something More! - 01/18/2015

Sermon Text:  Mark 1:14-20

   On January 1, 2005, John Guth, 32, and Jeff Teiten, 24, set up camp outside the Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. They announced they intended to wait there until tickets went on sale for the movie, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The movie wasn’t scheduled for release until May 19th!
   Teiten said he was actually involved in an art project which involved “waiting for something.” He was keeping a log of his experience and originally wanted to wait it out for two years. “I’m becoming very aware of just how long an hour is,” he said, and “what all happens in an hour.” At the time of the report on this pair of young Star Wars devotees, the film’s distributors hadn’t even confirmed that the film would be shown at that particular Cinerama Theater.
   No, my first reaction to this story is that these two guys need badly to get a life. There’s got to be something more advantageous they can do with their TIME than waiting in line for five months to get tickets for a movie.
   But then again … the really scary thought is … maybe neither one of them HAD anything better to do.
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