The Shape of Things To Come - 09/08/2013

Sermon Text:  Jeremiah 18:1-11

   I work out at Anytime Fitness regularly. After you go to a gym for a long time, you get to know some of the patrons. One guy that I met has an interesting twist on an old line. I know you’ve been asked: “How are you doing?” Well, this guy always says: “How you doing, staying in control?” I had never heard that before … have any of you? I kind of like it … it forces the responder out of the typical “Fine and you?” I’ve heard some interesting answers to his question too. Like:
    “How you doing, staying in control?” “Best I know how.”
    “How you doing, staying in control?” “Never been IN control.”
    “How you doing, staying in control?” “What?”
    Probably one of the best responses I heard was from a guy who said with a smirk: “I lost control when I got married.”
    And my response: “How you doing, staying in control?” “Workin’ it!”
    How would YOU respond to that question? “How you doing, staying in control?” [Turn to someone and tell them what your response would be…]
    I guess if you think about it, it’s really not uncommon to hear folks ask other folks if they are “in control” or maybe the better phrase, “staying on top of things.” After all, we’re a society that prides itself on personal independence. We DO like being in control. We don’t handle chaos, or change or interruptions very well.
    Now, the problem with being in control is it leads to rigidity, inflexibility and the resistance to change.
    Remember the Swiss? They were the world’s leaders in producing the best watches money could buy … that is, up until about the start of the 1970’s. Do you know what happened? The electronic watch was introduced and the Swiss REFUSED to make them. The Japanese became the world leaders in making watches, and many watch making companies in Switzerland … went out of business
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