The Christmas Journey, Wonderous Gift - 11/27/2011

Sermon text:  Micah 1:2-5a & Matthew 2:1-6

   A couple of months ago, Linda Allen and I sat and talked … talked about the Troupers and what they might do for the Advent season. Linda had a brainstorm she wanted to lay out for me.  “Why don’t the Troupers visit all the places the baby Jesus went with Mary and Joseph? You know, Bethlehem, Egypt, Jerusalem and Nazareth? They are so rich with tradition and history, even before Jesus was born … significant in so many ways. How about we use them as a guide for a Christmas Journey?” As she talked, I began to get inspired, too. “Hey, that’s what Katie and I will focus our sermons on as well. Veer from the lectionary a bit and focus on those places. WHY are they significant to us today? HOW have they touched our lives and hearts?” And so, The Christmas Journey: Bethlehem, Egypt, Jerusalem and Home. … Read full sermon here (PDF)