The Best Gifts Are Free…Faith - 12/01/2013

Sermon Text:  Isaiah 2:1-5 & Matthew 2:7-12

   Many of you will recognize the name of Robert Fulghum. He is the author of the popular book, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.” In a later book, he told a wonderful story about his daughter Molly:
    When Molly was seven years old, she liked to help pack lunches each morning for her brothers, her dad, and herself. Into each bag, she would put a share of sandwiches, apples, milk money, and sometimes she would add a surprise note or treat.
    One morning for no apparent reason, she gave her dad, Robert Fulghum, two bags: one regular lunch sack, and another rumpled bag held together with duct tape, staples, and paper clips. “Why two bags?” her dad asked. “The other one is something else,” she answered. “Just some stuff. Take it with you.” Obediently, Dad stuffed both sacks in his brief case, kissed his daughter goodbye and rushed off to his office.
    When lunchtime came, Robert Fulghum pulled out both bags. While eating lunch, he tore open the special bag and poured out the contents on his desk: two hair ribbons, three small stones, a plastic dinosaur, a pencil stub, a tiny seashell, two animal crackers, a marble, a used lipstick, a small doll, two chocolate kisses, and thirteen pennies. Dad smiled as he examined Molly’s trinkets, he was touched. But then responsibilities called. He had to rush off to important matters.
    Quickly, he swept the desk clean into the trash basket … left over lunch, Molly’s junk and all. There wasn’t anything valuable there, nothing he really needed. However, that evening, Molly came in while Dad was reading the paper and this conversation took place:
    “Where’s my bag?”
    “What bag?”
    “You know, the one I gave you this morning. I forgot to put this note in it.” (She handed over the note) “And besides, I want it back.”
    “Those are my things in the sack, Daddy, the ones I really like. I thought you might like to play with them, but now I want them back. You didn’t lose the bag, did you, Daddy?” Tears puddled in her eyes.
    “Oh no, I just forgot to bring it home.”
    “Bring it back tomorrow, Okay?”
    “Sure thing, don’t worry.”
    As she hugged her dad’s neck with relief, he unfolded the note that had not made it into the sack. It read, “I love you, Daddy.”
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