Thanksgiving-What would you say? - 11/20/2011

Sermon text:  Psalm 100 & Ephesians 1:15-23

Growing up in Small-town, USA, as a kid in Jr. High I had the obligatory morning paper route for about three years.  And let me tell you, my route was one of the best in town! I delivered to all the shakers and movers along a street that had the biggest, fanciest homes in all of St. Clairsville.  They definitely lived in a different world than mine. I knew the names of all these important people, but I didn’t know them. Sometimes as I was delivering their papers, I would ride by their homes on my bike … a house like the Mobley Mansion or Dr. Lewis’ huge brick home … and wonder what life inside those walls was like compared to mine. I’d hear their air conditioners hum on muggy summer days, and imagine the quiet, cool rooms inside.Read full sermon here (PDF)