Thanks, But No Thanks! 11/18/2012

Sermon Text: Psalm 107:1-9 & Ephesians 2:1-10

   Were you able to get a sense of the essence of those first nine verses of Psalm 107 when we read them together?  They reflect on the nation of Israel and what they are thankful for as a people blessed by their God.  David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving does a masterful job reminding them of just how much God has done on their behalf.
   Now … after reading the Psalm, and listing ALL the things we are thankful for during our prayer time … is it clear to YOU? It is to ME … OUR nation is without question one of the greatest in the world.  We are SO fortunate … or should I say “blessed” (it has nothing to do with luck according to our forefathers) … we are BLESSED to have the kinds of opportunities and freedoms that we enjoy
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