Testimony & Counter Testimony - 11/10/2013

Sermon Text:  Psalm 145:10-17 ~ Job 16:7-17

   I love the God of Psalm 145. If I had to dream up my ideal God—this is exactly how I would describe him — a God who is powerful, loving, just, and active in our lives. This God is easy to praise, and easy to worship. In fact, Psalm 145 makes an excellent call to worship — who wouldn’t want to praise a God who “satisfies the desire of every living thing”?
   Psalm 145 makes it easy to call a congregation to confession and assure them of pardon—for this God is “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and rich in love.” This is a God who invites our prayers of supplication and intercession, promising to “be near to all who call on him,” to hear our cries, and to save us when we are in trouble. This God is both perfect and responsive to human beings. This God rewards good behavior, and punishes the wicked. In the world depicted by Psalm 145, we have every reason to be good and every reason to be faithful.
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