A Time of Learning

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Matthew 4:1-11

If you look at the front of your bulletin this morning, you’ll see the picture of a bright green plant that has started growing out of some very dry-looking cracked ground.  When you look at the ground in that picture it makes you wonder how in the world that little plant could possibly be growing because the conditions don’t appear to be the right ones for any growth to happen.  That ground looks like the kind of ground where seeds go to die.  The picture represents the big idea for this Lenten sermon series which is called “Wilderness Time.”  The idea is that even though it doesn’t seem possible that anything good could come from the wilderness times that we enter and experience in our own lives, sometimes we actually do some of our best growing when we find ourselves in the wilderness…See full sermon here

Walk to the Water

Sermon Text:  Exodus 17:1-7

Brennan, my youngest son, and I have had this little ritual for the last five or six years. One night when he was in bed he asked me to bring him a glass of ice-cold water. I did, then I did it again the next night and the next. Now every night for the last six years when he goes to bed, I take him a glass of ice-cold water. It has to be ice cold and it has to be from me. In fact, when I am gone and Sara takes him his ice-cold water, he tells me it doesn’t taste the same, not as good. You can say what you want about me, but I know how to make a mean glass of ice-cold water. I take him the ice-cold water; we smile, maybe chat a little; he drinks the water; we kiss good night and that’s it. Simple, simple for all of us. Well, maybe not for all of us. Read full sermon here (PDF)