Born to Serve

Sermon text:  Jeremiah 1:4-10 & Matthew 16:21-28

Each of us was born for a purpose. “Before you were born I consecrated you and appointed you a prophet to the nations,” God tells Jeremiah in our lesson today. Thomas Merton writes, “Each one of us has some kind of vocation…Each one of us is called to a special place in (God’s) Kingdom. If we can find that place we will be happy. If we do not find it we can never be completely happy…You and I can’t individually save the whole world, but God calls us to make a difference where we can. That’s our vocation. We’re not all called to be prophets like Jeremiah, though we all share in the prophetic mission of the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. But each of us was born to do something very important for God. In fact, most of us have multiple vocations in the world and in the church. Retirement, for example, brings new vocations, such as grand-parenting, which Sally and I are enjoying greatly... Read full sermon here (PDF)