Daniel The First Braveheart

Sermon Text:  Daniel 6:10-16

There is a great scene in the movie Braveheart. If you have not seen it, it is the story of William Wallace, Scottish patriot and his struggle to free Scotland from the tyranny of the English King Edward, who had been brutal in his treatment of Scotland and her people. So in the Scottish army is face to face with an English army vastly superior in numbers and weapons. The Scottish chiefs and noblemen are planning to negotiate a treaty with the English, which would allow them to benefit financially. It’s how these things worked. The noblemen benefited, continued to pledge allegiance to the King and the King in return had Scotland under his control. The result is that those men on the battlefield ready to give their life end up paying higher taxes to cover the noblemen’s debt to the King.
As the noblemen plan their strategy, Wallace appears with his men. He gives the famous speech about them never taking our freedom, and then follows the noblemen onto the field to negotiate. His men ask where he is going and Wallace turns around, smiles and says, “I’m going to pick a fight”. He goes on to challenge the English and it becomes a battle Scotland wins. It is a scene that stirs the emotions. I want to be that guy. But there are different ways to fight...
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