What's the Purpose of it All?

Sermon Text:  Ephesians 2:19-3:11

In my sermons for the month of January, I’m focusing on the basics of our faith.  January provides a fresh start in a new year, and so, why not a fresh start in our faith?  The birth is fresh in our minds and hearts, so let’s see if we can experience our faith in the One born in a manger fresh and new as we move into 2016.


                Folks, we’ve got one of the best-kept secrets in Jacksonville right here!  How do I know that?  One of our visitors, a couple of months ago, said to me, “You’ve got something special here, but you’re hiding it under a bushel.”  I was kind of taken aback and really didn’t know how to respond.

                Well, is it true?  Do we really believe that we have something special right here on University Bvld West?  If we do, shouldn’t others know about it?  Or will we be like the church mentioned in the small mid-western newspaper, which ran a story saying:

                “We are pleased to announce that the cyclone which blew away the Methodist Church last Friday did no real damage to the town.”

                Kind of scary, huh?  Somebody, somewhere said, “The failure of the Church today, is not that we kill the King’s Son or practice violence and bloodshed so much.  No, our failure today lies in the fact that we’ve become irrelevant and without impact!

                “Now, wait just a minute,” you say, “them’s fightin’ words!”  That doesn’t describe OUR church … or at least we sure hope it doesn’t!  Maybe one of the reasons why it might fit a lot of “other churches out there” is to be found in the low commitment level demanded of the members and practiced in the church today. ...Read full sermon here (PDF)