Imposters in the Church

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Mark 12:38-44

Once when my family and I lived in Nashville some children down the street were approached by a stranger, who invited them into his car. “We’ll get some ice cream,” he said. But they refused his offer and ran home — thank goodness! My wife Sally decided it was time to have a talk with our younger son Scott, who was then four years old. “Scotty,” she said, “If a man you didn’t know drove up in a car or a truck and said to you, ‘Son, you want to come with me to get an ice cream cone or some candy?’ What would you say to him?” Scott thought for a minute and said, “Please?” Clearly, he needed to be educated about dangerous imposters…See full sermon here

The Pure in Heart

Sermon Text:  Matthew 5:8

Sally and I recently watched the old movie The Firm, based on the novel by John Grisham, about a creepy law firm in Memphis, Tennessee that works for the mafia. The protagonist is a young lawyer named Mitch, fresh out of Harvard Law School, played by Tom Cruise. The firm recruits him with a high salary and an emphasis on family values. It all seems too good to be true, which it is. While keeping up appearances of being an exceptionally wholesome operation that only hires clean-living young lawyers with stable marriages, the firm is actually handling all kinds of illegal transactions by organized crime. And, of course, before too long the young lawyer Mitch begins to peel away this innocent façade and discovers the evil that lurks underneath, thereby endangering his own life and that of his wife...Read full sermon here (PDF)