Taste and See

Sermon Text: Psalm 34:1-10

I often tell people, there was only one thing that stopped me from becoming a professional soccer player, one thing. I knew enough about the game, played through elementary and high school, played at college, played on church, community, work teams, even coached high school in Ohio for 15 years. One thing stopped me going professional. I wasn’t very good.
I have spoken to friends who grew up in the USA who have similar stories. I have grown to love baseball in my time here. Having spent such a long time in southern Ohio, I became a big Cincinnati Reds fan, not much to cheer about there I know, but I love talking about baseball with folks who know the game. I have heard numerous times statements like, “I could have made it, but,” or “That kid would have been a star, but he couldn’t hit the curve ball.” The curve ball is the pitch that comes at you off speed, with an unexpected trajectory. Designed to disrupt a batter’s timing, it is not the norm...
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