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Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 12:13-25

Last week I spoke about the change of mood in the David story from giddy optimism in his early years to sober remorse in his later life. We also heard the story of the Prophet Nathan’s confrontation with David over David’s adultery with Bath-Sheba and his attempt to cover it up by having her husband murdered. Bath-Sheba is now David’s wife and is pregnant with their child. God sends Nathan to pronounce judgment on David for his sins. “The child that is born to you shall die,” says Nathan... See full sermon here

Two Ways to Live

Sermon Text: Genesis 17:1-8, 15-16  Romans 4:13-25   

There are two ways to live, according to Paul. One way is to live by the law. This is the merit system. You obey the commandments and receive salvation as a reward for good behavior. God’s commandments are good things, life-giving and life-protecting things: “Do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not bear false witness, do not covet,” and especially the commandments to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength” and “love your neighbor as yourself.”...Read full sermon here

The Merciful

Sermon Text:  Matthew 5:7, Matthew 5:21:26 and Matthew 18:21-35

“Blessed are the merciful,” says Jesus, “for they shall receive mercy.”

The Greek word for mercy is ELEOS, and it has a double meaning. On the one hand it means kindness .When I was a pastor in Nashville the church’s elderly nursery worker began having dementia and couldn’t work in the nursery or even look after herself any longer. She was so confused she couldn’t shop or cook or drive. She began wandering out of her apartment and getting lost. She had no family except the church. I tried in vain to get her admitted to a nursing home where she could be properly cared for, but none would take her without a doctor’s order. And I couldn’t find a doctor who wasn’t already booked up with appointments for weeks or months in advance. What would happen to her in the meantime? ...Read full sermon here (PDF)

Take Me Higher

Sermon Text: Acts 1:6-14

This is Kenny Dalglish. (show picture) This picture hangs in my office. Kenny is my favorite football (or is that soccer) player of all time. When I was a wee boy he played for my team, the Celtics. He also played for Scotland. He scored lots of great goals. You can watch some clips on YouTube. He was amazing and up there with Messi and Ronaldo in my book. He was my hero. In 1977, Kenny did the unthinkable. He left the Celtics and joined the Liverpool team. I was 10, and it was then that I realized football players don’t have the same loyalty to their teams as the fans do. It was a growing up moment! I remember thinking, “What are we going to do now that he is gone? He was such an important player. What are we going to do? What now?” ...Read full sermon here (PDF)

Obesessed With Food

Sermon Text:  John 6:35, 41-58


I’m on a diet.  Been on it since April.  Back in November of last year I started to have a problem with high blood pressure … first time ever … so I decided to loose some weight.  But I have to be honest ... I’m obsessed with food.  I admit it.  So ... this morning I want to talk about this most basic of human needs – food.

            Food, according to Webster, is: “any substance taken into and assimilated by a plant or animal to keep it alive, active and enables it to grow.”

            Food, for some of us may be a little more basic than others, but non-the-less it is a relevant subject for most of us.

            Anybody here ever eat before? ...Read full sermon here (PDF)