Suffering and Security

Sermon Text:  Psalm 23

Life seems to contradict the 23rd Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. . . . Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil,” it says. Jonathan was a soldier from Orange Park. He told his mother not to worry when he left for Iraq. “God is my rear guard, and Psalm 23 [is my] heartsong,” he told her. But he died in an ambush in southern Iraq. He was her only child. John Claypool was a Baptist minister. His 8 year old daughter Laura Lue was diagnosed with acute leukemia and died 18 months later. How do we understand the promises of Psalm 23 in the light – or maybe I should say, in the darkness – of tragedies like these? ...Read full sermon here (PDF) 

New Year's Day

Sermon Text:  Jeremiah 1:4-9

I am glad to see you all this morning. The Sunday before Christmas is traditionally the busiest in the church calendar and what is the Sunday after Christmas? Yes, you’ve guessed it; traditionally it is the least well attended. Not only that, but today is New Year’s Day, a holiday. So, well done on being here; you all get to definitely go to heaven. I think it’s a rule!! Read full sermon here (PDF)

On Christmas Day In The Morning

Sermon Text:  Isaiah 9:2-7 & Luke 2:1-14

I Saw Three Ships

I saw three ships come sailing in

On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;

I saw three ships come sailing in

On Christmas Day in the morning.

            Hey … did you hear?  It’s Christmas Day in the Morning!

            What does that mean for us?  Well, it provides us the luxury of forgetting all of the hurt and pain and drama in our lives for a little while … and remembering a birth, a life, a death and a resurrection.  And oh, what a life it was and continues to be:

º   A Life that has demonstrated for me a new way ... a loving way ... a forgiving way.

º   A Life offered for me and for you … because of God’s great love for us.

º   A Life that brings joy in the midst of the hurt and crude of this life.

º   A Life that says to me “You are loved so much, that I want you to live with me forever.”

º   A Life that declares that no matter how dark my world, your world, this world gets ... there is a Light that shines ... a Light that burns with an immoveable Hope; a penetrating Peace; a contagious Joy; an undying, unconditional, unfathomable Love...Read full sermon here (PDF)