Wrestling with God

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Genesis 32: 22-29 

Today’s message is about wrestling. In particular the story we just heard from Genesis 32 about Jacob wrestling with God. 

When you think of wrestling your thoughts may automatically go to WWE or one of the many wrestling entertainment associations. You may love that stuff. When I was a boy the wrestling was always on TV on Saturday afternoon and I took it very seriously. My favorite was a guy called Big Daddy. He was the good guy. He was also pretty old and big, when I say big I don’t mean well built, I mean, he was overweight, I never questioned the fact that this old overweight guy always won. I just accepted it. I mean it was a legit sport, right? ... See full sermon here

Meditation on Joy

Sermon Text: Isaiah 61:1-17

The Old Testament gives many people the impression that God is a wrathful God, always angry and ready to punish sinners. There is a dark thread of judgment in the scriptures from Genesis to Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament. But there are also many signs of hope in it. In Isaiah 61, which I just read, God commands the prophet to “comfort all who mourn” and to give them “a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning.”...Read full meditation here