Those Who Mourn

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:4, Matthew 27:45-54 & Matthew 28:1-10

Who doesn’t want to be happy and have a good time? We all do! Yet according to Jesus that’s not the way to blessedness. “Blessed are those who mourn,” he says, “for they shall be comforted.” In Luke’s version of this Beatitude, Jesus excludes from blessedness those who are happy in the present world. “Woe to you who laugh now,” he says in Luke 6:25, “for you shall mourn and weep.” Everything we do, every career, every marriage, every hobby is aimed at happiness, and most advertising promises happiness in some form or another. Yet Jesus says the lucky ones are those who are sad. Why? What does he mean? Read full sermon here (PDF)

Father to Son

Sermon Text:  Genesis 27:26-29

It’s Father’s Day so I’d like to wish all you dads out there a happy Father’s Day. When I was a kid, my mum had quite a few years as a single parent, and there were many men in my childhood and youth who were an example to me; so I realize happy Father’s Day is not only to the actual dads, it’s to you single moms, grandparents and to you who are father figures....Read full sermon here (PDF)