Beautifully Angry

Sermon Text:  Mark 3:1-6

I wonder what kind of idiot decides to preach a message based on anger after the contentious week we have just had? This one. Trust me, it wasn’t planned.

Let me tell you a story: Before I studied theology, I was a telephone engineer. One day I was driving home from work and I approached a roundabout. It was a two- lane roundabout, and I was in the lane to turn right. The guy in the left lane pulled out in front of me trying to get to my lane and nearly knocked me into the middle of the roundabout. No turn signal, nothing. Something snapped in here; I lost it. I got on this guy’s tail. Flashing my lights, I stuck with him, mad as can be. I followed that guy for about three miles past the turnoff for my house. Eventually I wondered, “What am I going to do if I catch this guy?” Get beaten up probably! Anger makes us do crazy things. We have all been angry; we all have similar stories...Read full sermon here (PDF)