Weird Love

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: John 13:1-17

Last week we started a sermon series called “Keep Church Weird,” and I told you that one of the first things that I want you to know about your new pastor is that I’m a little weird and that I am going to be committed as your pastor to keeping Lakewood a weird church. I have to tell you that it was really endearing to me this past week how many of you came to me and told me that you are weird, too. It’s like, “great! These are my people!”

I love quirky things and quirky people, but in this series we’re talking specifically about the ways that we are weird because of our faith in and relationship with Jesus. If we are Jesus’s followers and if he is living in us, we are going to be different because the way of Jesus is different than the way of a world that is under the curse of sin. As Christians, we are people who have been set free from the curse of sin and we’ve accepted Jesus’s invitation to be part of his kingdom and Jesus has actually formed us into a community that exists to bear witness to the reality of the new life that can be found in him and I really want the congregation at LPC to be great witnesses to the new life and the new reality that comes through Jesus. So there are some specific “weird” things that we need to hold on to hard and fast so that our witness is fruitful, and powerful, and effective. Last week we talked about holding on to this weird message that we get to share that says you don’t have to work hard to make yourself acceptable to God. You just have to trust in the work of Jesus on your behalf. We’re accustomed to having to earn our way into acceptance but God says we are already accepted. We just have to come to Jesus and we are already loved. This week, I want us to think about weird love…See full sermon here