Reboot Series "Commit to Community"

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Acts 18:24-28

This morning we have come to the third message in our ReBoot series. In this series we’re talking about some basic things that we can commit to doing or recommit to doing that God can use in our lives to help us become more fruitful and more mature disciples. We’ve talked about committing to reading Scripture, committing to asking God in prayer to make our mission fruitful, and this morning the invitation is to commit to community. As members of the church, we are already joined together in community by the Spirit, and if and when you joined LPC you committed to being part of this community, so if you’re a member, or maybe even if you just attend regularly, you are committed to Christian community at some level. There is a difference, though, in being a member of a church, and even an active member of a church, and in cultivating intentional, close, Christ-centered relationships for the purpose of helping us grow in Christ. It’s possible to be a member of a church for years without ever experiencing that kind of community, but that kind of community can make all of the difference in our spiritual lives. That’s what I want to talk about todaySee full sermon here