Sorry I Missed You - 03/24/2013

Sermon Text:  Luke 19:28-44

   Did you miss him when he was here?
   Did you hear what he had to say?
   Did you really understand who he was?

   Today we are looking at a familiar story from the Life of Jesus. It’s what we call the Triumphal Entry. It tells us about when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday or in some traditions, Passion Sunday, because 4 days later he will have his Last Supper with his disciples on what we call Maundy Thursday, that’s the night he is betrayed and then the day after he dies on a cross on what we call Good Friday. One week from today, Jesus rose from the dead, the day we celebrate as Easter. We’ll be looking at Maundy Thursday and Good Friday from now until Easter on March 31, but today we’re looking at the Triumphal Entry. It’s found in all four Gospels, but we’ll be looking at it from Luke’s perspective in chapter 19, verses 28-44Read full sermon here (PDF)