Sabbath Connections: Rest - 03/04/2012

Sermon text:  Genesis 1:1,6,9,14,20,24&26;2:2-3 & Matthew 11:25-30

On this, the second Sunday of Lent, we continue with our theme: Sabbath Connections. Over the next four weeks we’re going to concentrate on my four part Sabbatical Plan of REST, RECONNECT, REFOCUS and RESTORE. And so, today’s topic: REST. Let me share with you the paragraph in my Sabbatical Plan dealing with REST:

   For those of us in fulltime ministry, there comes a time when your mind is completely filled with the stresses and strains of the occupation, and the mind just never seems to let go of these things. I’m talking about budgets, newsletter articles, building problems, session meetings, ministry meetings, bulletin preparations, why attendance was down last Sunday, sermons being written (On Sunday at 12:00 noon, I have 160 hours to get another sermon written) unhappy people, sick people, dying people, confused people, etc., etc., etc. You get the point. I can’t remember who said it, but Sabbatical provides a time for the mind to empty of all these things and allows for a clearing of the conscience. The ancient Taoist text, Tao Te Ching (“The Way of Life”) records these words: “Who is it that can make muddy water clear? But if allowed to remain still, it will gradually become clear of itself.”  So an “emptying of the mind” is the first thing I need to accomplish … and to do this requires REST. … Read full sermon here (PDF)