Ruining Christmas? - 12/29/2013

Sermon Text:  Matthew 2:13-23

   There’s always a part of me every year that doesn’t want the Christmas season to end. I want to leave the Christmas tree up and decorated as long as possible. I want the smell of fresh pine needles lingering in the air. I want the soft glow and twinkle of the Christmas lights in the living room, and the presents still waiting to be opened under the tree. I want our annual Saliba family gathering to last longer than it does, with everyone curled up on couches and in front of the fire, catching up on the past year, discussing movies, recommending their favorite books.
   I have this idea of what Christmas should look like, smell like, feel like, taste like—no doubt it is a composite of my favorite Christmas memories as a child, and I want that to be recreated and then to last as long as humanly possible
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