Remember To Look Up - 05/12/2013

Sermon Text:  Acts 1:1-11

   Many folks, especially preachers, don’t know what to make of Luke’s accounts of the Ascension of JESUS. Luke just briefly describes it in the 24th chapter of his gospel, but then goes into a more lengthy depiction in Acts. The other three gospel writers don’t even mention it and, frankly, the story seems a little too mythical for 21st Century readers. After all, we are educated people, and that whole idea of a three-tiered cosmology … where HELL is down there [pointing down] and HEAVEN is up there somewhere [pointing up] … has been pretty much discarded. Did you know that there are trapdoors in the ceilings of many European cathedrals? They’re basically all sealed shut now, but at one time they used to celebrate the Ascension by raising a figure of Jesus with a rope … right up through the roof! For all of you “thinkers” out there, maybe it would be more useful to suggest that Jesus passed from one dimension (earthly) to another (spiritual).
   But in all fairness to Luke … after all, he is a credible gospel writer. And so, I think there is a point he’s making, and if we try a little harder we might just understand
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