Rejected - 09/14/2014

Sermon Text: Matthew 21:33-43

    A tall, burly man entered a San Francisco liquor store sometime back, pointed a gun at a clerk and demanded money. According to police, when the clerk refused to hand over the money, “the suspect began to cry,” put his gun in his pocket, and then ran out of the store.
    Kind of bizarre, huh? A grown man, with a gun, being verbally defied by the man he intends to rob, breaks down in tears. I do believe that would-be robber is vocationally impaired. He doesn’t belong in the criminal profession.
    Maybe he broke down in tears because he was tired of being REJECTED. Have YOU ever been REJECTED? For an award? For a job? In romance? It hurts. It hurts a lot! Have YOU ever been REJECTED?
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