One Long Table - 10/06/2013

Sermon Text:  Luke 17:5-10

   At a recent national convention, sociologists came to an interesting conclusion that I think you might find very interesting and maybe even a little fascinating. They were discussing the problems, the troubles, the anxieties and the turmoil that plague our society today and came to the conclusion that most are caused by … can you guess what? Now before you answer, this is not a gathering of Christians … these are secular sociologists meeting in a national gathering. Their explanation as to WHY we experience so much turmoil, trouble, anxiety and problems is due to a lack of … get this! COMMUNION. They didn’t say “communication” because surely we have an overabundance of that. In fact, there has been more communication in this generation than probably all of the preceding generations combined. This is the age of communication. No … not a lack of communication … but a lack of COMMUNION.
   I’m sure you’re aware that communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, feelings, facts, etc. through the use of words, sounds, signs or behaviors … but COMMUNION is something much deeper.
   COMMUNION is a mutual sharing of values and emotional feelings and the deepest purposes of our lives. And this we have way too little of in our society. That group of sociologists all agreed that the lack of COMMUNION found in the home, in the school, in society, in all faith communities … that’s what is causing so many people to have such atypical and deviant behavior, resulting in so many of today’s problems
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