Oh... For the Good Ol' Days - 11/17/2013

Sermon text: Isaiah 65:17-25

   There is something in each of us that, from time to time, makes us want to go back to the Good Ol’ Days … the way it used to be … to go back home.
   Just a few weeks ago I was having a phone conversation with the former pastor at my home church in St. Clairsville. Laurie recently stepped down from her call there and has gone into a private counseling practice. She shared with me that the challenges facing that congregation had become just too great for her to deal with anymore. She had given 12 years of her life to that church and had not seen any changes in the lives of many of the people. We talked about some of the issues that come into play because of the particular times in which we live and work. And then she said to me, “Terry, sometimes I just wish we could go back to the 1960’s. The churches were full and the problems seemed minor.” I didn’t necessarily agree with her, but I did understand her response. It was a simpler time then, in many respects … or so it seems … and she wanted to go back to the Good Ol’ Days … to the way it used to be.
   But “used to be” will never be again … and home is never the same
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