Not A Destination... A Journey - 01/26/2014

Sermon Text:  Matthew 4:12-23

   I want to ask you to participate with me in an exercise this morning. I’ll do it first, and then I want you to imitate what I’ve done. Here goes: “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, whoops, Johnny, whoops, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.” Now you try.
    No, that’s not quite right; let me do it for you again. (Repeat.) Now, take another shot at it.
    Still not right, let’s do it one more time, and this time, watch very carefully. (Repeat.) Okay, your turn. You got the fingers and the thumbs right, most of you that is? And you did very well on the “whoops!” But each time, after I did the “Johnny, whoops” thing, I finished by folding my hands; THAT’S the part you missed. How many of you figured that out? How many of you simply quit? Babies!
    I’ve done this rather silly exercise over the years when I’ve worked with youth, and realized that if I did it long enough, everyone in the audience would ultimately have one of two responses: that is, you would either study me long enough to get it … or out of frustration, you’d just give up
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