It's About Others ... It's About Us - 02/03/2013

Sermon text:  Luke 4:21–30

   Well, this evening at 6:30, the waiting and the hype and the promotion and the commercials will all come to a climax. Yep, the “Harbowl” or “Brobowl” kicks off in New Orleans … brother battling brother! The epitome of Sibling rivalry! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Jim and John Harbaugh are the coaches for the opposing teams. It will be the first time that brothers will be competing in a Super Bowl! It will also be the first time the Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina shredded parts of the Louisiana Superdome … home to the Saints. And if you remember, that Hurricane took 1600 lives. Most years, it’s the “Super Bore” … the game’s over by half-time, and the more exciting moments happen during the commercials. And unless you are a fan of the Ravens or the 49ers … the game probably doesn’t matter to you much anyway.
   It’s kind of interesting that the Super Bowl rarely has a home team … not at all like the World Series in baseball or the NBA Championships or the Stanley Cup finals in hockey. Another interesting tidbit is this fact: Only a few of the residents of New Orleans will get to see the game in person. Sure, they are hosting the game, and have put up with the media mania for two weeks, yet most of the tickets to the Super Bowl will go to fans or corporate sponsors all across the country. It just doesn’t pay to be the hometown for the Super Bowl … with the exception of the big bucks the local economy enjoys. We experienced that right here back in 2005. How many of YOU actually went to the big show?
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