Is It True? - 4/4/2010

Easter Sunday

Sermon text: Luke 24: 1-12

“FREEZE!” Not in the law enforcement sense of the word. Did you ever play the game “Freeze” when you were a kid? The group is running around and playing as though everything were normal, and then the one who’s “it” yells, “Freeze!” Everyone has to freeze exactly as they are when they hear the word. The first person to stumble or move from their “frozen position” is “it” for the next round. There are moments in all of our lives that are frozen in time and frozen in our memories. They can be good moments, or bad moments. Moments of utter joy and moments of profound grief. Whatever else they may be, these are moments that are locked in our hearts and minds because of the power they hold for our lives. You can almost relive them now.Read full sermon here (PDF).