In the Bulb There is a Flower – 04/24/2011

Easter Sunday – He Is Risen!  Allelulia!

Sermon text: Matthew 28: 1-10

I love this time of year in Florida. It’s not real hot yet, but I don’t mind the heat anyway … better to be at the beach! It’s the flowers that are blooming and have been for a good month that I really like! The dogwood trees and the azaleas have already displayed their colors. And pretty soon our crepe myrtles in the front of our home will be in full, brilliant red bloom. The flowers are blooming, and I know that spring has come! And let me tell you, it sure makes me glad that I live in Florida. Up in Ohio, where I came from, they actually had some snow this past week and the flowers, well, some daffodils are starting to pop up, but the real flowers won’t be in full bloom for another few weeks. When I came here in November eight years ago to interview, I was thoroughly impressed that the flowers were still blooming. That and, of course, the warm weather, sure made me want to move to Florida.Read full sermon here (PDF).