I'd Like a Word with You - 12/30/2012

Sermon text:  John 1:1-18

   Mom would speak these words and terror would strike within my heart, “I’d like a word with you, young man!”
   How do YOU feel when someone says that to you? I suppose a lot depends on the tone of voice the person uses, but still it makes you wonder why the person wants to talk to you. You make a time to meet for the following day and for 24 hours you sweat it out, thinking what on earth they have to say.
   Is it going to be good news or bad?
   Have they found fault with something you’ve done?
   Maybe they’re going to ask you for a favor that’s going to cost you money and time?
   Maybe it’s something they want to give you … a gift or an invitation to dinner.
   If this is happening at work, maybe it’s about a promotion or that you had better find alternative employment.
   Bottom line, you have to wait, sweat it out, until the appointed time
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