How Do I Live Without You? - 6/7/2009

Sermon text: Philippians 4:4-7, 11-14 & John 10:27-30

            How do I live without you?

            I want to know,

            How do I breathe without you?

            If you ever go,

            How do I ever, ever survive?

            How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?

“How Do I Live” is a 1997 song, written by Diane Warren, that was released first by LeAnn Rimes, and shortly afterward by Trisha Yearwood.  The song was originally intended as a single for the 1997 action blockbuster Con Air soundtrack, and raises that looming question that plagues our hearts and minds often: In the face of great loss … How do I go on living? ... Read full sermon here (PDF).