Holy Conspiracy Theory - 05/19/2013

Sermon Text:  Genesis 2:4-7 ~ John 20:21-22 ~ Acts 2:1-11

   The world is filled with Conspiracy Theories … the Moon Landing was just a hoax; the Roswell Alien Crash was covered up; Elvis is alive and Paul McCartney is dead; we’re getting sprayed with chemicals from airliners; and the Illuminate run the country. If you Google “Conspiracy Theory Websites” you get 5,660,000 hits! If you just Google “Conspiracy Theories” you get 60,000,000 and it changes every time you do the search…. Basically anything that happens nowadays, somebody believes there’s a conspiracy behind it in someway.
   I want us to take a look at a Conspiracy Theory as well … this one is a Holy Conspiracy Theory. But first, let’s do a little background research
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